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Chapra Municipal Corporation

The municipal area of Chapra is about 16.96 sq km. Chapra is well connected with other parts of the country by road. NH 19 passes through the town and NHs 28B, 85,101, and 102 terminate in the town . In addition to this, State Highways 45, 46 and 53 also pass through the town . Chapra can also be accessed via Siwan, Varanasi and other important places in Bihar and surrounding states. Chapra is well connected with Patna, Varanasi and other places in the region which are further connected to various other places in India. The town has two railway stations, Bhagwan Bazar (Chapra Main station) and the other at Chapra Kachahari and several passenger trains run on daily basis to various towns.
Chapra, the administrative headquarters of Saran District is also the head quarters of Saran administrative Division. Chapra became a Municipality in 1864. It is the largest city in the district with a population of 179,190 as per the 2001 census.

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